A pioneer of the Romanian market, eMAG was founded in 2001 in Bucharest and has well-established businesses in Bulgaria and Hungary. For almost 20 years, the company has been constantly investing in technology-based services developed in Romania that help customers save time and money. With a range of products continuously expanding through own offer as well as through its partners in the Marketplace, eMAG is the place where anybody can search and order anything, from anywhere.

PHP Developer (Marketplace, Red Team, Craiova) | eMAG
  • Work place: Office centric

  • Collaboration: Employment contract

  • Work time: Full Time

  • Seniority: Team member

  • Updated on: 1 year ago

  • Vacant from: 11 Feb, 22

  • Expires on: 20 Jun, 23

  • Pay: Negotiable

  • Categories: Backend

  • Size:> 500 employees

  • Industry:Retail

Market (net €/month)
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MKTP RED team is responsible for developing and maintaining the Seller Profile, Seller Invoicing, Customer Invoicing, Account Health, Seller Rating, SAP communication modules of the Marketplace application. Besides working on the main Marketplace application, we aso maintain the Marketplace Finance and Insurance (car and travel) applications. We work with PHP 7, Symfony 3 (main app) and 5 (Finance) with most database backends in MySQL 8, but also with a lot of technologies and tools necessary for code maintenance and monitoring: GIT/Stash, Logstash/Filebeat + Kibana, Grafana, RabbitMQ, Redis, Memcached, Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, HAProxy, JIRA, etc.

We keep ourselves ahead of the game by experimenting lots of new technologies, participating in international tech events, both as guests and key-speakers, organizing workshops, MBA-like trainings and maintaining an open mind to all ideas that you have. We invite you to join our teams and enjoy not the job at eMAG, but the full experience - being part of a company serving customers in multiple countries - sponsored international events, workshops and hackathons - sponsored MBA-like trainings - flexible program.




  • Analyze and estimate the requests, define indicators for monitoring the proper functioning of the feature;
  • Develop high-performance, reliable and maintainable code whether implementing architectural improvements;
  • Stay in-tune with the latest technologies; proactively identify areas for improvement and propose viable solutions;
  • Collaborate with other technical team members to design, implement, quickly troubleshoot and resolve any critical issues;
  • Test the feature manually and automatically (PHPUnit, Mockery, Prophecy) before sending it to the QA;
  • Perform code reviews according to the team's Code Review procedure;
  • Implement new features and updates according to the business requirements as per Product Owner’s request;




  • +2 years experience developing PHP applications;
  • Experience with OOP and the Symfony framework (2,3,4) or at the least one other PHP Framework (Laravel, Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter);
  • Design patterns, Solution architecture;
  • Code testing, unit or functional using PHPUnit or PHPSpec;
  • MySQL, at least intermediate knowledge, understanding of foreign keys, data types, queries, different storage engines, indexes, performance tuning;
  • At least basic understanding of Linux and functionalities/ applications such as SSH, NGinx, Apache, PHP-FPM;
  • Version control: Git/Stash, understand how to create and maintain branches, pull requests, etc.
  • Experience with REST APIs and documentation tools (Swagger, for example);
  • Understanding of application logging requirements using Logstash/Filebeat;
  • Flexible, communicative, strong initiative, a real team player;
  • Able to understand and implement complex business flows;
  • Able to work on several simultaneous projects and to adapt to a fast evolving environment.



Will be a plus

  • Understanding of caching concepts and tools: Redis, Memcache;
  • Experience in using debugging/profiling tools such as Xdebug, New Relic, Blackfire.
  • Message queueing systems: RabbitMQ/AMQP;
  • Monitoring tools (New Relic, Kibana, Vividcortex, Grafana);
  • Understanding of High Availability, Load Balancing, Performance Tuning, Security:
  • Accustomed to working with Agile Scrum methodology.



We’re always looking for the ones truly passionate about their work. If you are amongst them, you can rest assured there is a place for you in eMAG. We grew very fast and we are determined to keep doing so. What brought us here is our desire for continuous evolution and practical results. At eMAG, a set of strong principles guide our daily work: we understand the client, we think like a successful entrepreneur, we make decisions supported by data, we assess the impact of our projects, we act responsibly, we support each other and we grow with the business. They define us and help us become the favorite shopping destination for our clients.  

Over 5200 people are working now in eMAG. We strongly believe in people development and therefore every year we invest more and more energy and resources to remain an organization that is constantly learning. We want to make sure that you’ll have the most talented colleagues, as well as the proper environment to grow and achieve great results, to become what you desire on a personal and professional level.

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