A pioneer of the Romanian market, eMAG was founded in 2001 in Bucharest and has well-established businesses in Bulgaria and Hungary. For almost 20 years, the company has been constantly investing in technology-based services developed in Romania that help customers save time and money. With a range of products continuously expanding through own offer as well as through its partners in the Marketplace, eMAG is the place where anybody can search and order anything, from anywhere.

Team Leader (Fashion Days, Web Development Team) | eMAG
  • Work place: Office centric

  • Collaboration: Employment contract

  • Work time: Full Time

  • Seniority: Team Lead

  • Updated on: 1 year ago

  • Vacant from: 11 Feb, 22

  • Expires on: 20 Jun, 23

  • Pay: Negotiable

  • Categories: Frontend

  • Size:> 500 employees

  • Industry:Retail

Market (net €/month)
  • Only Loginro members with a minimum completed profile that share their salary expectations for this position may access its industry median pay.

As a member of the Fashion Days development team, you will be involved in developing new features and maintaining existing features in projects like:

  • the Fashion Days website
  • the suite of backend applications (7+) that are part of the FD ecosystem
  • API for the mobile app teams
  • Running performance tests for all our toolchain (backend and frontend performance)


Our technology stack is mostly based on PHP (with Symfony as our main framework) and GO. GO prior knowledge is not required but would be a bonus. We are using Docker for development, RabbitMQ for communication between systems and Black Fire for performance tests.


Technical Responsibilities



  • have an overview of the architecture of the applications (platform) and offer solutions for all future and possible requests
  • have a good understanding of the entire technological stack we are using


Apps Quality & Performance

  • ensure the quality of the team's output
  • define and monitor application performance KPIs
  • oversee technical support during the period when the team is assigned to such tasks.


Roadmap & Estimation

  • define and design the software development roadmap (with the help of the assigned Product Owner)
  • offers a high-level estimation of the effort and complexity of the projects


Team Leadership

  • firefighter – “on the task" when situations arise
  • c onflict management – mediate situations that could have a certain conflict potential and addresses them so that the team dynamics is not affected
  • g uides the discussions in the SCRUM ceremonies (grooming, planning, etc. so that the output is maximized, and the allocated time is is fully optimized)
  • have an innovation mindset, open to new technologies and approaches


People Management Responsibilities


Individual Management

  • responsible for the 1 on 1 discussions with the team
  • make sure that each member of the team has a development plan and offer them training and growth support
  • define an action plan based on the individual evaluation questionnaires (Feedback 360, etc.), but also on the team feedback
  • evaluate the activity of each team member and have a close look at their evolution.


Team Management

  • facilitate the communication between the team members and/or between the team and the product owner
  • define and monitor the team's KPI
  • create action plans based on team evaluation questionnaires (ENPS, etc.)
  • be actively involved in the recruitment processes for our teams




  • solid experience with PHP & OOP (Symfony knowledge is not required)
  • DevOps knowledge (even though this will not be your job, you will need to understand the problems and technical difficulties we may have)
  • experience with DB and DB performance
  • experience with command line
  • be a team player but also have the ability to work autonomously when required
  • strong focus on code quality, performance and security


Will Be a Plus


  • experience with the Symfony Framework
  • prior knowledge of GO
  • experience with Elastic Search
  • experience with Kubernetes

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