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Tech Salary Structures & Insights

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Tech Salary Structures & Insights

What 5,930 tech professionals in RO think about the employment market and what are the main trends in employment behaviour, including work from home expectations. 

Find all you need to know about the employment dynamics and learn what your peers are thinking about

  • Salary structures per level of experience, city, role with averages, medians and 75 percentiles
  • Reasons for job changes
  • Current and attractive benefits
  • Top criteria to evaluate employers
  • Satisfaction with current job or employer and salary
  • Work from home expectations
  • Plus other insights that will help you understand the employment environment

In order to access the full report you will need to create an account with Loginro, the first tech community in Romania. By joining, you will continue to access reports and insights regarding salary evolution, most active employers, and the most relevant events and developments in the tech ecosystem in Romania.

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