Aspire Journey: Developing the future of e-training in armed forces
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by Systematic August 12, 2023 at 7:30 PM

Aspire Journey: Developing the future of e-training in armed forces

Join us for the first episode of the Leaders Talk podcast series by Loginro (, where we have the privilege of hosting two remarkable individuals from Systematic, Maj Rames and Gauri Varma Heise. Maj Rames, a talented Project Manager, and Gauri Varma Heise, a visionary Director, both hold pivotal roles in the Defence department. Maj Rames is also an Army officer in the Royal Danish Army and a bench press world champion, proving that gender plays no role in performance.

In this episode, Maj and Gauri delve into the world of Systematic and the Defence department, shedding light on their innovative journey in developing an e-training solution for over 1.3 million soldiers. Find out more about it by listening to this insightful discussion on how Systematic is spearheading the digitalization of future e-training in defence.

Central to their conversation is Systematic's latest digital training platform, SitaWare Aspire. This cutting-edge platform transcends traditional e-learning approaches by blending digital training with immersive, hands-on exercises. By seamlessly integrating the operational SitaWare suite into the training environment, trainees gain access to in-app exercises, enabling them to master the software while simulating real-life scenarios.

The Aspire product is currently in a scale-up phase, presenting an exciting opportunity for software developers to join the team in building the next-generation e-training solution for soldiers. Systematic welcomes individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of defence training.

In addition to their impressive professional achievements, Maj and Gauri delve into an equally important topic—their experiences as women in a male-dominated industry. They share insights into how they navigate the challenges and opportunities within their roles while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Their perspectives shed light on the importance of diversity and inclusion, inspiring listeners to break barriers and pursue their passions.

Tune in to this captivating episode of Leaders Talk to gain a deeper understanding of how Systematic is building a e-training platform for the defence domain, called SitaWare Aspire. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journeys of Maj Rames and Gauri Varma Heise as they pave the way for innovation and empowerment in the defence sector.

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