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Most IT specialists working abroad consider returning to Romania

Amazing stories published by tech professionals that decided to work from unique cities in Romania

Over three quarters (77%) of the Romanian IT specialists living abroad are open to the idea of returning to Romania, Iulia Cirmaciu, HR director within DB Global Technology, said.

She quoted a survey concluded by the company in partnership with Catalyst Solutions.

Some 43% of the respondents said they had little or no information about the evolution of the IT sector in Romania. Among those who don’t consider returning, 40% said that it would be difficult to save money in their native country.

When deciding whether to return to the country or not, people take into account criteria such as the wage, extra salary benefits and opportunities for professional development. About 80% of those working abroad consider essential the political context, as well as the healthcare and education systems.

The survey included 400 respondents, who are Romanian IT specialists living in countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany or the United Kingdom.

The local IT industry will exceed EUR 4 billion this year. The estimates indicate possible annual growths of at least 15% in the next three-four years.

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