Benchmark your salary on Loginro. Main findings from our 2021 annual report.
by Loginro June 22, 2021 at 5:45 PM

Benchmark your salary on Loginro. Main findings from our 2021 annual report.

Every year, we survey the tech professionals in Romania to identify salary structures and trends that will help you with your market positioning. In Loginro, we are also implementing a benchmarking system that will help you with direct positioning on the jobs you want to apply. So joining the community will help you with constant information in the reward area. 

Here are the main findings from our Feb, 2021 salary report and you can access the complete insights by joining the Loginro community here.

  • Professionals change jobs mainly because of the salary package. Also, the data shows that mid-senior tech professionals should be constantly challenged by new products, complex technologies or interesting projects. They are not leaving because of their relationship with the manager or colleagues, not even because they are being offered a higher position, but due to salary and better product.
  • There are no significant differences between women and men regarding reasons to change their employer. Actually, that’s one thing Romania should be proud of - we have one of the smallest pay gaps in Europe, between men and women, according to Eurostat, and also the highest percentage share of women in top management.
  • Average salary in Bucharest increased by 15% compared to last year, but Cluj-Napoca, Brasov and Iași have had the highest salary growth in the country: more than 22% increase on average in 2021, from 2020. In terms of the 75%-iles, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca both have added 500 Euros more, leading by far in comparison to the other cities.
  • Salaries in 2021 have increased on average for all with more than 1 year of experience, in comparison to 2020. The only category where average salary decreased in comparison to last year is that of professionals under 1 year of experience.
  • Fresh graduates are still the category with the lowest average satisfaction (7.4) but overall rating is still over 7.7 for all the other categories. The pandemic seems to have had a positive impact on job satisfaction, with an increase to 7.7 from 7.42 last year.
  • Mid-level professionals have the highest percentage of job offers, more than 5 per month, which shows a peak interest from employers (particularly in the 4-6 years of experience category).
  • While meal tickets and medical subscriptions are easier for employers to provide, tech professionals are mostly looking for a 13th salary, more vacation days, as well as dental coverage (which is a rare benefit). Remote work and flexible time expectations have increased, in part due to the pandemic but the trend was visible since before.
  • While there has been a significant decrease in the percentage of tech professionals open to changing their jobs (from 49% last year to 31%), almost half are still willing to have conversations with recruiters (47%).
  • Most tech professionals would prefer to continue to WFH after the COVID-19 pandemic. 3 out of 4 would prefer at least 2 days WFH per week, out of which 30% want to work from home 5 days per week (the largest category).

See details about the full salary report and download it. Or see tech jobs in Romania.

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