Cum afectează modificările legislative munca prin PFA și SRL? Cum te pregătești pentru auditul ANAF?

16 Apr 2024, 16:00 - 17:30

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Care sunt salariile în IT și ce își doresc profesioniștii de la angajatori?

Vorbim despre structurile salariale din IT-ul românesc, cu cifre și trenduri.

19 Mar 2024, 16:00 - 17:30

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Awesome companies that invite IT brains to work from amazing cities in Romania

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See what are the most important tech jobs in the RO ecosystem and get salary positionings for the jobs you are targeting

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Loginro | Amazing companies Siemens Romania R&D
Loginro | Amazing companies Siemens Romania R&D

Siemens Romania R&D Follow

9 Vacant Jobs
> 500 employees Employees
1 Offices

Located in Brașov, Cluj-Napoca and București, Siemens R&D activity is represented in România by Siemens Advanta Development and Siemens Technology teams. Scientists, engineers and software developers support Siemens in fulfilling the demands of digitalization. We deliver product development services for hardware, software and engineering, in the field of energy, industry, e- mobility and smart infrastructure. Also, we are experts in IT services and solutions, where web, mobile and SAP based applications are being developed and tested. Our research and development teams are active in the fields of Electronic Design, Business Analytics, Cybersecurity, Software & Systems Innovation and Embedded Systems. The world is constantly changing and we’re always thinking about what’s next. Can yo...

Loginro | LSEG Romania

LSEG Romania Follow

36 Vacant Jobs

LSEG is Open. LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) Technology and Operations Hub in Bucharest plays a key role in providing services to the wider Group and its clients across the world. LSEG Romania employs professionals to cover a wide range of technology, web services, research and development an...

Loginro | DB Global Technology

DB Global Technology Follow

16 Vacant Jobs

DB Global Technology is Deutsche Bank’s technology centre in Central and Eastern Europe. We design the digital bank of the future. Our people are creative thinkers and curious minds who develop cutting-edge software applications for the bank’s global operations. 

Loginro | Bosch

Bosch Follow

63 Vacant Jobs

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods & Energy and Building Technology. As a leading IoT company, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes,...

Loginro | Systematic

Systematic Follow

12 Vacant Jobs

We make a difference. At Systematic we deliver reliable IT solutions and products which are simplifying critical decision-making and changing lives with every line of code we write. Since 1985, we have developed as an international company with a Danish-inspired workplace that focuses on three c...

Loginro | Bitdefender

Bitdefender Follow

13 Vacant Jobs

We are led by a vision to be the most trusted cybersecurity technology provider in the world, which means we constantly anticipate, innovate and go the extra mile. Bitdefender delivers robust security you can rely on. With a global security delivery infrastructure protecting half a billion users...

Loginro | Google

Google Follow

1 Vacant Jobs

Innovate with us. To continue developing tools for billions of users, we need a workforce that’s representative of people who use our products, and a workplace that creates a sense of belonging. We know that people with disabilities make great Googlers, and we intentionally seek out people with d...

Loginro | Edenred Digital Center

Edenred Digital Center

Working in a fast-moving company committed to people at work, growing in an ever-changing playground of opportunities and evolving with inspiring teams connected by a shared passion. This is the pl...

Loginro | ING Hubs Romania

ING Hubs Romania

ING Hubs Romania is ING Group's global hub for technology providing over 121 services for 24 ING units globally. These services are arranged in these main categories: software development; data man...

Loginro | Garmin


We are a team of about 400 people located in the center of the city. We create products that solve complex problems and make people’s lives safer, healthier and more enjoyable. The vertical integra...

Loginro | Molson Coors GBS

Molson Coors GBS

Molson Coors Global Business Services is a young company providing centralized operations to one of the oldest and biggest brewers in the world. You’ve probably tasted a few of our beers – from wel...

Loginro | Orange Services

Orange Services

Orange Services was created in 2013 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Orange Romania. As a technology services company, our DNA is in IT, but our teams also work in other domains including mobile n...

Loginro | CrowdStrike Romania

CrowdStrike Romania

CrowdStrike is a leading cybersecurity company protecting customers from all cyber threats by leveraging its Security Cloud to stop breaches. At CrowdStrike, our mission is to stop breaches, and o...

Loginro | Fortech


Our story began in 2003 in Cluj-Napoca, with a handful of software engineers and friends who had a shared vision to set up a business in the emerging IT field. Fast-forward 17 years later, we are o...

Loginro | msg Romania

msg Romania

Prioritatea noastră este de a crește portofoliul de produse și soluții IT pentru clienții noștri, respectând în continuare standardele de calitate msg, pe care le respectă fiecare membru al echipei...

Loginro | BCR


We are more than 5000 people at BCR and each and every one of us is different. We like to believe that our diversity of ideas, attitudes, passions, feelings and origins make our culture more beauti...

Loginro | eMAG


A pioneer of the Romanian market, eMAG was founded in 2001 in Bucharest and has well-established businesses in Bulgaria and Hungary. For almost 20 years, the company has been constantly investing i...

Loginro | Endava


Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. We have helped some of the world’s leading Payments, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, Consumer Produc...

Loginro | Schwarz


Schwarz IT is the strong technology partner of the entire Schwarz Group. As a central IT service provider, Schwarz IT is responsible for the selection and provision of IT infrastructure, IT platfor...

Loginro | EA Romania

EA Romania

We are one of the largest video game developers and tech companies in Romania! We bring togethe...

Loginro | Gameloft


Gameloft® is a leader in the development and publishing of games, creating them for all digital p...

Loginro | Garrett Motion

Garrett Motion

This is an exciting time to join Garrett Motion! Garrett is one of the automotive industry’s most...

Loginro | 1&1 Internet Development

1&1 Internet Development

We’re always set to make things that seem impossible today happen tomorrow.

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See what are the most important tech jobs in the RO ecosystem and get salary positionings for the jobs you are targeting

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Awesome companies that invite IT brains to work from amazing cities in Romania

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app of the month

George | BCR

You have your unique style of banking so George gives you more and more awesome financial products, specially created for you. Choose those that fit you.
Popular software


George was born in 2017 in ERSTE, as a start-up like approach for a modern banking solutions. In Romania, the pilot phase started in march 2018. In BCR, we are raising it. We are handling the authe...



The SitaWare suite Total C4I for the Modern Battlespace – Systematic’s SitaWare software suite offers best-in-class C4I capabilities across all levels of command. With comprehensive force tracking...



A smarter, user-friendly authentication that replaces SMS 2FA codes, reducing costs by an order of magnitude.



Since December 2020, this experimental app has learned more than 2 million data points to create mood prediction models and provide insightful statistics. But this is just the beginning! The Typing...


CrowdStrike Romania

Technology in action at unprecedented scale At CrowdStrike Romania, our engineers are given an unprecedented opportunity to work with data at scale and an unrivaled opportunity to develop deep tec...



MoMo is a learning platform designed for everyday life. With a strong focus on the needs of teachers and students, the solution provides more time for learning and well-being.



Systematics' Columna solutions support management, staff, citizens, patients, and relatives throughout the care pathway - whether it is in the hospital, at home, at the social services, in nursing...



TypingDNA provides a commercial authentication API suitable for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and online biometric authentication. The product can be integrated into any corporate or c...



Our library solutions are flexible and based on an open platform that meets the needs of today's school library. Cicero has been developed in close collaboration with school librarians and teacher...

Awesome companies that invite IT brains to work from amazing cities in Romania

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Timisoara. The European Cultural Capital of 2021

According to the Urban Barometer created by the World Bank (in 2020), 92% of Timișoara’s inhabitants are happy to live in the city, compared to 80% in Buc...

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Timisoara. The European Cultural Capital of 2021


According to the Urban Barometer created by the World Bank (in 2020), 92% of Timișoara’s inhabitants are happy to live in the city, compared to 80% in Buchar...
Awesome companies that invite IT brains to work from amazing cities in Romania

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Awesome companies that invite IT brains to work from amazing cities in Romania

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